Creating gentle sleep solutions, one family at a time.

Happy Little Sleepers offers personalized infant and toddler sleep solutions for your child's unique needs while matching your individual parenting style. As a pediatric sleep consultant, I will support, educate and empower you while gently guiding your child with a compassionate approach, teaching great sleep skills that will last a lifetime.  Special care is taken to understand your individual needs and create a custom sleep plan for your family.

Today’s families have been overwhelmed with conflicting advice on how to get the sleep they and their child so desperately need. As a trained and Certified Gentle Sleep Coach it is my privilege to guide you through this maze of information and provide you with a proven, gentle sleep solution that works!




I offer personalized coaching with an emphasis on education, empowerment and lots of support!

  • I would never offer out-of-the-box approaches and I don’t rely on formulas or systems that families are expected to fit into.  
  • I understand how to implement proven; Gentle Sleep Plans from their concept through to completion ensuring you can provide empathy, comfort and love to your child.
  • I know how to match a child’s temperament and a family’s parenting philosophy with the right method.
  • I know how to support a family until they reach THEIR sleep goals.... theirs not mine!