Hi Amanda! Its been quite awhile since we've checked in with you so I just wanted to give you a brief update. Since meeting with you 8 months ago, Elyse continues to sleep extremely well. We have since moved to Montreal. I was concerned with the big transition that she may fall into some bad habits but we remained consistent with her routine and have had no problems at all! The bedtime routine is a dream!!! Anyone can put her down to bed and she remains very co-operative. She sleeps through the night consistently. My husband Yvan and I have never slept so well. We are now even considering having another child (gulp) cause we feel we have the energy now! Haha! We cannot thank you enough for the way you have helped us after two years of sleepless nights.

Kelly & Yvan - Parents of an incredible 2 year old

Hi Amanda, We wanted to thank you for not just your words of encouragement to re-commit ourselves to a disciplined and consistent routine, but also for your honesty. My wife Julia and I, are very appreciative of the time you spent talking to us the other day. Your words of encouragement were all we needed to set our younger twin, Vincent, back on course. Your honesty in not pushing your services on us was immensely appreciated -- as I'm sure you could tell that we were ready to try anything. Anyway, again, thank you very much. All of our very best, Joseph & Julia

Joseph & Julia - Parents of Twins

Last night our daughter settled herself to sleep in under 5 minutes with no crying or fussing. It wasn't like this before we got Amanda's help. To think that just a few weeks ago our daughter would only take naps in the car and at night it would take up to 2 hours trying to put her to sleep while breastfeeding. She has become a self-settling sleeping pro thanks to Amanda's coaching. Now she even takes 2 naps in her crib. We were feeling very frustrated with the continued lack of sleep for all of us especially since our daughter is 11 months. We would hear from other parents that their kids had long been sleeping through the night. Our daughter was up every 2-4 hours over night and wanted to always breastfeed to get back to sleep. We even started bringing her into our bed at around 4am just so we could all get some sleep. Amanda's coaching style is wonderful. She does a very thorough assessment of your child and then creates a personalized plan for you. We loved her support via email, text and daily phone calls. The process was challenging initially, but every night we saw improvements until one night our daughter slept through the whole night! We missed having adult time in the evenings for us to catch up on the day or watch a movie. Since doing the sleep training we are happy to report we have watched at least 8 movies! Ultimately it has allowed us to have back our evening time together plus we know our daughter is getting the sleep she needs. We are moving soon and our daughter will be starting daycare. Even with these major changes we feel confident with the knowledge we gained from Amanda to handle these transitions especially considering how they may impact her sleep. Overall we are so thrilled and thankful to Amanda for the outcome of our sleep coaching journey!

Connor & Tina Rice - Well rested and happy parents to an 11 month old

Oakville mom

Happy Little Sleepers helped us take back our evenings and nights! More importantly, our son is now getting the healthy amount of sleep he needs to function, learn and be happy. Life is so much easier when everyone is getting quality sleep. Amanda Dadd is a true gem, with a wealth of knowledge and great advice. She was our baby whisperer. Our only regret was not looking into this sooner!

Alana - Oakville mom to a wonderful toddler

Sleep training testimonial

Hi Amanda, I just wanted to update you on our progress. On Mother's Day our son gave me the best gift ever - the first night he slept straight from his bedtime feeding all the way to 6:30 am! And now he has been doing so consistently for the last week. It feels amazing! Everyone is well rested and definitely happier and we owe it all to you. If it weren't for your guidance and support we would have reached this point much, much later and with a lot more tears and frustration. Thank you SO much! The well rested family,

The Well Rested Family - Happy mom of a 7 month old

Sleep testimonial

Hi Amanda, Just wanted to let you know that you're amazing! Eden has slept through a move to a new house as well as through being sick with croup with no issues..incredible! Who would have thought?! Well, maybe you...but definitely not us! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Take care, Shaina

Shaina - Mom of an 18 month old

sleep training oakville

Our family's sleep journey with coach Amanda was an informative and very rewarding experience. We contacted Amanda regarding our wonderful eight month old son who loved to get up very early! Before coaching, our son was starting his day around 4am or 4:30am. Despite our best efforts to keep him on a schedule of an early bedtime and naps every 3 hours, our days were inconsistent. Amanda helped us understand that our son was an 'early riser' which is common among very alert, active children. Through coaching, we learned that alert children need more sleep and the likely cause of our son's early rising was due to him being over tired. Amanda put together a thorough sleep plan for us to follow and generously spent time reviewing it with us to ensure we were completely comfortable with the plan. Our biggest concern prior to coaching was letting our son 'cry it out'. This concept was something we were not comfortable with. We were put at ease knowing Amanda does not advocate this method. She explained there will be tears however there is a difference between tears of despair and tears of protest due to change. Within a few days of coaching, we were seeing improvement in both naps and nighttime sleep. Amanda was so supportive and together we made a few changes in order to feel more comfortable with the process. She stressed the importance of trusting ourselves and encouraged us to never compromise on how we want to parent our child. The support we received from Amanda was AMAZING! Knowing someone was there to hold your hand, answer your questions and keep you motivated through the good times and bad was so reassuring. Our daily calls with Amanda would always give us the encouragement we needed to keep going and face another day. After coaching, our son now sleeps 11 hours and rises at 6am! His naps have improved significantly as well and are much more consistent. Not only is our son more rested, we are as well! Sleep coaching has allowed us to be the best possible parents for our son. I would highly recommend Amanda’s sleep coaching services to any parent with small children. IT WILL BE THE BEST CALL YOU MAKE FOR YOU AND YOUR LITTLE ONE!

Jennifer Love-Boulton - Well rested Mom of a 7month old


Hi Amanda, I couldn't wait to email you about the HUGE progress Daphne made in the last week, even with my mom around! Her naps started to fall into place last Monday, we continued to put her down to sleep around the same time every day and all of a sudden she was not struggling anymore, she fell asleep almost right away and slept for at least 2 hours (some days she got close to 3!). Nights have continued to be great! My mom was able to babysit for us one day and it went really well, we left Daphne sleeping and then went out and she didn't wake up. We can't thank you enough for all your help, it has truly changed our lives. We really appreciate all the time you spent on the phone with us and all your valuable advice.

Liliana Patino - Mom of 18 month old

Mississauga gentle sleep coaching

Hi Amanda, I would never have thought that we would have made it this far; from sitting up all night with her, to rocking her to sleep, to using a bottle in bed, to having her scream until she passed out; to now having her go to bed on her own. We have come a long way in such a short time and I have to thank you. I would not have made it to this point without your help. Watching my little girl come so far in only a week has been amazing. Makayla would go to bed most nights crying her self to sleep, and as her mom it upset me so much to know I couldn't seem to make this better for her. If I had of known the difference you would have made in our lives but most importantly my daughters life I would have asked you for help the first day I met you. Your explanations made things clear and easy to follow, your suggestions have worked wonders and have never felt pushy. You helped us develop a better routine for Makayla and I appreciate that you never expected us to do anything we weren't comfortable with. You have given so much of your time to make sure we are on track. So honestly from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!! I just watched my little girl fall a sleep on her own but more importantly it was so peaceful. There was no screaming, no super upset baby, there was just one little girl with her lovey tossing around getting comfy and drifting off to sleep. I am watching my little girl grow and it feels amazing! you have made a huge difference in our lives and we will never forget this. Enjoy your evening with your little ones, they are lucky to have such a wonderful mom. Take Care

Melissa Penney - Mom of 12 month old

Client Testimonials

Hi Amanda, Hope all is well with you. I just wanted to update you about Jacob's progress so you know how wonderfully your coaching changed our little guy. Jacob is now 7 - 6 am. He never cries at night and seriously goes down without any problem every night after a very short bedtime routine. No more early morning rising either! His naps have totally fallen into place for several weeks now without any resistance or crying. He knows the routine. We were away the past 3 nights and he literally stayed on scheduled and did not resist at all. He cackled tonight upon his return to his own crib tonight! We are thrilled to have had your input even though it was challenging at the start of sleep training. Your constant reassurance made all the difference. THANK YOU.

Andrea Viscntini - Mom of 7 month old

Client Testimonials

Amanda helped us find a plan that worked for my husband and myself. Bedtime has become so much more predictable which is great. Amanda was great in every way and all I can say is that I hope more families benefit from her knowledge and help with gentle sleep coaching.

Darshana - Mom of 11month old

Oakville sleep training Oakville mom

Amanda was great! She is wonderful with the little ones and I felt like I was in great hands. I would recommend her to anyone that asks! I put her suggestions into use the first night and by day 3, it was nailed down and my little one was going to sleep on her own. She provided me with techniques that worked like a charm!

Laura - Oakville Mom

Mississauga Mom

All I can say is that from my initial meeting with Amanda I knew she was truly invested in what she did. She was gentle, sincere and invested in our success. My son has finally learned how to go to sleep on his own without us having to be in the room. We even went on vacation and my son followed the same routine there and when we returned he continued his good sleeping habits. I can honestly say that Amanda has changed our world and if I never met her I would still be struggling to this day. I cannot thank her enough.

Stephanie - Mom of 2 1/2 year old