Questions and Answers

How is a Gentle Sleep Coach Trained?

Certified Gentle Sleep Coaches are highly trained consultants within the pediatric sleep field. Basic training spans 15 months and includes instruction from many experts including those in the medical field.

In order to remain certified I am required to further my education on a regular basis by participating in supervision calls and attending advanced programs on topics ranging from SIDS Research and Recommendations, ‘Sensory Processing Disorders and Its Effects on Children’s Sleep’ to Potty Training!

For more details regarding my certification and further education click here.


What makes you different from other Sleep Consultants?

  • I offer personalized coaching with an emphasis on education, empowerment and lots of support! I would never offer out-of-the-box approaches and I don’t rely on formulas or systems that families are expected to fit into.
  • I understand how to implement proven; Gentle Sleep Plans from their concept through to completion ensuring you can provide empathy, comfort and love to your child.
  • I know how to match a child’s temperament and a family’s parenting philosophy with the right method.
  • I know how to support a family until they reach THEIR sleep goals…. theirs not mine!


Will my child cry?

Each one of our children is unique and as such some may cry. However they will not be tears of fear, or despair. As a Gentle Sleep Coach I understand how important it is to be able to respond appropriately to our children’s tears. You may hear tears while your child protests change but with your hand on their back and a gentle word in their ear your child will not be scared or afraid.

Your sleep plan will be as gentle as possible and as unique as your child.


Will I be able to hold or pick my child up during coaching?

I will never tell a parent they cannot pick up their child to provide comfort when necessary. I couldn’t do it I doubt many of you can either. Many parents are shocked by how well their little one adapts to coaching and they discover that they never even need to pick their little one up. Its good to know the option is there though!!


How do I know if my child is ready for sleep coaching?

Book in a Free, no obligation Sleep Assessment. Together we will assess your child to ensure they are developmentally ready for sleep coaching.

Moms and dads need to be ready to sleep coach too! I will share with you what is involved and what you can expect. I can promise you that you will feel confident in your plan and supported throughout the process.


What is included in my ‘Customized Sleep Plan’?

Each plan is unique but here is an idea of what you could expect:

  • A flexible schedule based on information you have shared with me before and during your initial consultation.
  • How to access and fill out your Feeding and Sleeping Log
  • Personalized recommendations regarding:
  • Your child’s sleep environment
  • The appropriate use of sleep tools (wake up clocks, night lights, loveys, white noise etc.)
  • Understanding your child’s sleepy cues,
  • Recommendations for your child’s bedtime routine,
  • When and how to put your child to sleep for naps and nights,
  • Advice for night weaning (age appropriate)
  • Information on the pros and cons of using a pacifier.
  • Step by step instructions you can confidently follow each and every day so you can achieve your goals.


Do you work Globally?

I offer In-home Consultations (GTA and surrounding areas), phone, Skype and Face Time Consultations. Distance is no obstacle to a good nights sleep!

All payments can be made securely through PayPal. You do not even need to have a PayPal account and if you are outside of Canada PayPal will even handle the currency exchange.